Portraitaufnahme von Sibylle Tönjes
Portraitaufnahme von Sibylle Tönjes
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Calculation of effort and costs

Given the wide range of services on offer, it is understandably difficult to have a fixed pricelist.

My fee is based on the type and size of the assignment, the state of the manuscript, as well as time constraints and is negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Medical editing

A flat fee can be agreed upon after I have had a chance to get an overview of the work to be done. For this, I must have the entire manuscript and the client must have a clear idea of what I am to do, so that I can prepare a cost estimate. Alternatively, it can be agreed upon that the fee will be renegotiated if there are significant additional expenses.

An hourly rate is suitable for very small or manageable orders. Its amount is determined by the expected effort. And again a cost estimate will help to avoid unpleasant surprises on both sides.


I charge for translations according to the German standard page. The German text is always decisive, since it is longer than the English text. The German standard page has a maximum of 30 lines with a maximum of 60 characters including spaces. That is a total of 1800 characters. The price per page depends on the difficulty of the translation.

The best way to proceed is to clarify in a direct conversation. Simply enter the general data in the contact form – including your cost expectations – and my response will follow within a few days.

I am looking forward to your message.

Extract of some references

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